Open Wide, Watch the Teeth...

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Anonymous asked: My first wish would be to spend the next few months bottoming for you till I was bowlegged. Failing that, my second wish would be for you to get into porn (or upload some more homemade stuff like your brief standing jerk off video) where we can hear just how loud your bottoms must get when you get balls deep. Pretty please?!?


And what would your third wish be? ;)

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huskysausage asked: Any new pictures coming out ? Dude I am really excited for more. Nice thick cock you got. Oral challenge !

Lol I have a couple I’ve been sitting on that I’ve been debating posting. I’ve also tagged all pics of me that I’ve either posted our reblogged from others with #hunghairybear. Click on the tag to see all my pics.

On that note I think we’d all LOVE to see more of you and that big husky sausage of yours. ;)

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joebearpr asked: Just to say how much I enjoy your blog. You can said by the many re-blogs. Thanks, great site.

Heheh, thanks buddy. Just means you have good taste in men. ;)

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"Simmer down bitches, I’m here"From the XL pool party the other day. Giving you some ginger beef realness. 
thanks to for the photo! 


"Simmer down bitches, I’m here"
From the XL pool party the other day. 
Giving you some ginger beef realness. 

thanks to for the photo! 

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